In a world of monochrome, we are the burst of color.

We're on a mission to not just stitch fabrics, but to weave stories, personalities, and a sprinkle of audacious magic. Celebrating every quirk, stitch by stitch, because normal is just another word for boring – and the word “fuck” just looks really good embroidered. 

Custom Stitches

Where we celebrate your fabulous uniqueness and take clothes from drab to fab! Enter our Limited Edition Animals and Letters collection – because who needs boring fashion? Attach 'em to your button-downs, denim, jackets, and more. Your style, your rules! Even the little ones can join the fashion party. Yep, we've got kid's clothes covered too.

Got a bold vision? Let's turn it into a reality together!
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Stitches for Good

Embroidery artist and philanthropist, I spent two decades in nonprofits, believing in the power to enact change. Now, I offer unique embroideries to support causes like New York City Gay Men's Chorus and Hope For Haiti.

I'm here to support your cause – just drop me an email!
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