Return Policy

No Take-Backsies:

Every single piece we craft is custom-stitched just for you. Yep, each one is as unique as your last bad decision. Because of this personalized touch, all sales are like pinky promises - FINAL. We don’t do returns unless we explicitly say so (like in those rare moments of insanity).

Handmade = Perfectly Imperfect:

Every item gets the royal Snarky Stitches treatment, stitched with sass and love by yours truly. That might mean a bit of uniqueness in look, size, placement, and color. If you wanted factory-made monotony, you're in the wrong store, honey.

Did We Screw Up? Oops…

Life’s not perfect. Neither are we. On the off chance that your item looks like it went through a tornado or has a glaring error that even your blind aunt could spot, holler at us within 14 days. We'll swoop in and fix the mess!