About Nikki Garb

My sister has been calling me a frustrated arts n' crafts teacher for the past twenty years.

I've gone through a painting phase, then there was the photography phase, next came knitting and when covid came around I decided I wanted to learn a new craft again! Always fascinated by hand embroidery I decided this would be my new skill to take on! With very little guidance and mostly self taught I bought my first kit. It was a small round that said "Fuck Off;" I was so proud of myself I thought I was going to start embroidering "Fuck Off" on all my shirts Laverne & Shirly style. I didn't, but it sparked my love for hand embroidery and my insistence that it always reflect my sense of humor!

This is hand embroidery art for the modern bitch! I tend to embroider what makes me laugh on any given day - it's what brings that sparkle to your eye when you know you're being a bit naughty!

I want you to look at my art and laugh, connect with it and share with your chosen family!

Nikki Garb Image